Why Content Marketing Is important? – 6 Reasons

Why Content Marketing Is Important_
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      Do you think your business can survive without content marketing? 

      No right?

      In this competitive world, everyone can write an article but how do you think, you can free apart yourself or your business from the competitor out there. It is all about the strategy and marketing funnel which I will be explaining in this article.  


      Have you ever heard the phrase “ Content is King ”?  and do you know why it is the King?

      Because it has the power to change your random audiences into paying customers for your business. If you use it properly, you can dominate your competitor and stay ahead of them.

      Brand + Content = Asset 

      Behind every great brand, Content plays a major role in connecting your audiences to be in touch for a long time and this can via an article, poster, banner, or video. It helps you to increase the volume of quality of traffic, audiences, and transactions a.k.a sales.

      It all happens when you have a strategic plan to execute properly and this process can be automated once it is stabilized until then you have to audit. 

      but first,

      What is Content Marketing?

      Since ever marketing originated, the term Content marketing is about solving the same problem that your product or service solves through any media you promote via the campaign. 

      It is to show the world that you have a great product or service that will resolve all the problems. When you solve a specific problem for your customer, brand awareness starts to build and this process will definitely help businesses grow in the long term. 

      This marketing can happen in any type of media such as newsletters, blogs, videos, posters, and so on. 

      Why content marketing is important?


      When you see the rise of a trend in google search, I think the word “ Content marketing ” has exponentially increased by the people’s interest. 

      Check out the stats below, starting from 2004 until now, 

      Screenshot 2021 03 09 at 11.30.08 AM | Digital Razin

      This shows how people are more interested in creating new content and nowadays it is easy to publish an article and it is free. So, to stay ahead of this competition, few businesses are even copying the same content as someone comes up with a new idea. 

      Nevertheless, if you want to stay in the game for the long run, you have to create your own, and most important is to maintain quality content to deliver value to your ideal customers. 

      Remember, The power of compounding will reward you the price when you are consistently creating quality content for a long time. 

      Content marketing will build a brand and reputation among the audiences and they would like to get your content from a different platform such as a blog, video, newsletter, presentation, and infographics.

       So now, let’s take a deep look at the 10 benefits of content marketing for your business.

      Content is the foundation of every digital marketing strategy

      The importance of content marketing lies on the foundation which is connecting to all the elements to strengthen your content marketing strategy. Take for example of the lighthouse which is the core of all the ships to direct them and it is the Hubspot of all the coastal areas. 


      Likewise, if you have a core digital marketing strategy for your content, it can help you to succeed in the long term. 

      It can be for your email marketing, blog, social media, and ad campaign. With the perfect plan and strategy, your business will get brand awareness and your desired money to achieve your goals.

      if you are a digital marketing freelancer, then the content is essential for you to connect with your client. If you are reaching out via email then you know how important right?

      The first impression of your client is important when they are looking at your email and resume.

      Content will deliver a compounding Return on Investment (ROI)

      When you are focused and consistent with your work, it will reward you the desired amount as you start driving more visitors or audiences coming to your business.

       You might not get the ROI for one or two months but it will help you to build a brand for the long term. Once you have brand awareness, your brand itself will pay you the amount. 

      When you drive traffic to your website or blog post, you should create a lead magnet to grab a quality audience into your sales funnel. 

      The visitors are more likely to convert when you give them valuable content which can help them to resolve their current problem.


      When you compare content marketing with traditional marketing, the cost of creating content is very cost-effective. In terms of generating leads for small or medium-sized businesses, it is most affordable. 

      Content helps you to build a Brand Authority


      This is one of the important reasons to have content marketing for your business is to create brand authority in the marketplace. When you have great brand awareness, it will for sure be successful. 

      This is the one thing most businesses don’t take seriously, they only care about the money. If the transaction is done, then they don’t even care about the customers to make them stay in the funnel. 

      Building a brand vital for each person, if you have a personal brand that itself helps you to sell your customers. 

      Building trust

      You have to make them trust you with the content you give on the marketplace. Improve brand reputation by creating value for your customers via content marketing. 

      Building trust can be a long process but it is worth waiting for the brand to establish and have a reputation. 

      Optimized Content can rank on google ( SEO )

      Think that you have a spectacular website with the content but not optimized for a search engine to rank then it is totally a waste of time. 

      When you have invested all your time in creating content but have not done any SEO part. It would be hard to compete with other competitors out there. If you want to stand out from this competition, you must learn to write SEO-friendly content to market your product or service. 

      SEO plays a major role in improving your search visibility on google search and helps you to rank number one.

      Google bot a.k.a google algorithm only ranks when you have quality content also the more content you have on your site, the better you rank on the google search engine results. 

      If you want to rank on google search then optimize it, get a backlink for your site, and do on-page & off-page SEO.

      Great content set you apart from your competitor 

      When you are competing with millions of people, how do you think you can stay ahead of the rat race?

      Simple, have a good content marketing strategy for your funnel and campaign which can help you to be different from others. Having an effective plan with great content will likely set you apart from the crowded market. 

      Always remember, your competitors are watching your every move to copy your plan but if you have a different perspective of dealing with your customer such as giving value and solving their problem in the first place. 

      It can be any type of content but once it connects with your customer. There can’t be a replacement unless you are not engaging them for the long term. 

      You can also do competitor research to stay ahead of the crowded marketplace by analyzing your competitor’s business.

      Create your marketing funnel to Nurture Prospects with content 

      Here is where you must focus on content marketing and this is the most important process to make your audiences into paying customers. 


      Do you know What is a Marketing Funnel?

      The marketing funnel is a different aspect of a sales pitch which has the process of three-stage and this helps you to filter out the cold leads into potential leads (who really want to buy your product or service).

      So with the marketing funnel is a mix of all the elements where you should have good quality content and nurturing your prospects is the most essential objective. 

      If you have missed out on any one of the things in this process, you might lose your prospects in any one of the 3 stages. 

      Funnel is about creating the opportunity for your prospects to target them for a specific reason, it can for your product or service. 

      Here is how the marketing funnel breaks into 3 stages, 

      • Top-of-Funnel
      • Middle-of-Funnel
      • Bottom-of-Funnel 

      Stage 1: Top-of-Funnel ( TOFU )

      At this level, you will be nurturing your prospects who are more interested in solving their problem. Here, we are the ones who solve all the problems which they are researching to get the solution. 

      What we will be doing is to create content that helps them to educate by watching from our blog article, video, newsletter, and so on. We just provide the information that they are expecting.


      Stage 2: Middle-of-Funnel ( MOFU )

      So, MOFU is the process where you will narrow your cold leads to warm leads, and at this level. You will be nurturing your audience to convert them into potential customers by educating them with the content. 

      In this stage, you are filtering or making them go closer to the purchasing decision.  Basically, you will be providing more value ( content ) at this level to earn trust. 

      Stage 3: Bottom-of-Funnel ( BOFU )

      Finally, this is the stage where your audience decides to convert them as paying customers to buy your product or service. So this whole process all depends upon just one thing and that is “ CONTENT ”.

      If you don’t provide the content that your visitors want them it won’t be effective and they might not trust you. 

      Be strong with the content you have, so that it would be your great asset, and this itself will have the potential to make money in the long term. 

      To get a better knowledge of content in each level of the funnel, take a look at the picture down below, 

      Marketing Funnel

      Final Thoughts

      So if you are really looking to scale up your business then definitely, you should have a great content marketing strategy to grow. 

      The list of reasons to do content marketing for your business goes on and on but it is all about taking action to improve your sales or to drive more traffic to the website. There are many short-term techniques to grow your business but if you see 5 to 10 years down the line to sustain.

      You should probably create your own content which will reward you once the compound starts. 

      There is no business running in this world without content and it is impossible to run so. To drive a car from one destination to another, you need fuel. Likewise, you have to create and have great content to run your business for the long term. 

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      Picture of Mohamed Razin
      Mohamed Razin

      Razin is a Digital Marketer, Blogger, Consultant, Web Designer, and Investor who helps businesses & startups to boost their sales and reach more customers in the digital platform. Read his blog to learn Digital Marketing, Online Business & Entrepreneurship.

      About Author
      Mohamed Razin
      Razin is a Digital Marketer, Blogger, Consultant, and Web Designer who helps businesses & startups to boost their sales and reach in the digital platform. Read his blog to learn Digital Marketing, Online Business & Entrepreneurship.

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