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Lead Generation In Digital Marketing_

What Is Lead Generation in Digital marketing?

We live in an era where you don’t have to knock on doors to sell your products. It doesn’t matter if your audience is from a village or a city, nowadays anyone can sell anything worldwide by just sitting in their house with internet access.  Right? For example, people from India are dropshipping stuff via Print-on-demand to other parts of the world ( US, UK, Canada, etc.). So that’s how the digital era has transformed

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Leverage LinkedIn For Lead Generation

How To Leverage LinkedIn and generate quality leads?

Generating leads can be challenging if there was no LinkedIn because it helps you connect with your desired prospect. Whether it is B2B or B2C, leveraging LinkedIn can generate numerous leads for your business.  It is also a platform for graduates who are seeking to get a job. If you have the proper skill set, you can easily track your desired position offers to apply via Linkedin.  I think LinkedIn for lead generation can help

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Lead Generation Tools

15+ Important Lead Generation tools to Get More Targeted Leads

Building a brand isn’t easy without having proper lead generation and automation tools for your business.  when a company doesn’t care about the importance of quality leads and customer retention will die sooner or later.  Some people believe that generating more leads is equal to more money.  That is purely wrong because when a cold lead comes into your funnel, it means that they want to know who you are and what you are offering.

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