15+ Important Lead Generation tools to Get More Targeted Leads

Lead Generation Tools
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      Building a brand isn’t easy without having proper lead generation and automation tools for your business. 

      when a company doesn’t care about the importance of quality leads and customer retention will die sooner or later. 

      Some people believe that generating more leads is equal to more money. 

      That is purely wrong because when a cold lead comes into your funnel, it means that they want to know who you are and what you are offering.

      If you provide them a value (something useful), they might end up your paying customer in the future. 

      This process happens when you have a clear idea and strategy to scale up your business with the right tools to target your audience.

      However, there are tons of tools, and if you are someone who is confused about the tools? 

      Then this article is for you, I will be discussing the best and most powerful tool that can increase your sales and customer retention. 

      But before diving into the tools,

      How do you measure a lead generation tool that is good for your business?


      A lead generation tool is something that makes the process of capturing qualified leads easy without any coding knowledge. So it won’t be time-consuming for your business to capture the leads and to nurture them. 

      The user experience plays a major role in the lead generation tool and you must also have an integration process to transfer the data from one place to another. 

      Pricing is another factor that measures whether a tool affordable or not because you have to get the right features for the right price. 

      However, nowadays companies with powerful software are pricing higher than casual or they limit the features to make you buy the PRO or Premium plan.

      The most important thing is you don’t have to get all the tools in the market in order to scale up your business, you just need the right tools at the right affordable price. 

      Best lead generation tools for business


      Here are some of the categories that we will be discussing in this article,

      • Email Finders 
      • Email Collection
      • Email marketing tools to nurture leads
      • Customer research / Survey tools
      • Other Lead generation tools 

      So let’s explore all the tools!

      Email Finders:


      Email finder is basically useful for B2B lead generation where you will get the whole background information of a business. Once you have the information you can start drip marketing to nurture the prospect depending on your needs. 

      You will be getting the official email handle with these tools, and also other essential details of the company.

      1.  Snov.io


      Snov.io is an outreach automation tool with impressive features and has several options. You can easily collect the email of any website around the world with one click.

      You can use the tool by downloading their extension on the official website or you can directly search the Snov.io chrome extension in the google search. 

      Snov.io easily captures the official email of the website and you can also use the same steps to get leads from LinkedIn. The most impressive is that you can write a customized drip email for your prospects.

      One other feature is that it verifies whether the email is available or not, you can exclude the email which is not verified. I would recommend that the free plan itself is enough for a person to find prospects. 


      you will get a free plan and paid one starts at $ 39/month.

      2. Find that lead



      FindThatLead is a powerful tool that allows you to find the official email of a specific company or website. They provide you only the verified emails and you can build a solid email campaign to reach the company you want. 

      They also provide a chrome extension which can be useful to acquire your desired company’s official email. 

      This tool allows you to send an automated and customized email for your campaign. You can even leverage their social media account and find the official email to them.


      Starting from $9.00/month and you also get a free version 

      3. Prospect.io



       Prospect.io offers the features of a wide service, we can handle both prospecting and outreach. It helps you to create a cold email campaign and has an email verification tool to refine your list.

      The most impressive thing about this tool is that they give you the open rate, conversion report. This tool has the option to integrate CRM such as Hubspot, Pipedrive, and close.io. 


       Starts with an entry-level of $79/month (Essential Plan) and $149/month (Business Plan)

      4.Linkedin Sales Navigator


      Linkedin sale navigator

      Linkedin Sales Navigator is purely a B2B tool, where you can capture the contact details of a Founders, CEO, and manager quickly. This lead generation tool provides an advanced search and recommendation to connect with prospects whoever you want. It also enables you to directly integrate with CRM  from Linkedin.  


       Paid plans start at $65/month 




      Hunter.io is similar to Prospect.io which offers you to do a quick email search of a specific firm and connect with the people that matter for your business. The most interesting part is that you can manage bulk-tasking with this tool and you get add-on features with a paid plan where you can quickly integrate with Google sheets, Firefox and CRM.

      they provide a free email search for up to 25 requests/month (only email search), from there if you want to run an email campaign, you have to get the Paid plan.


      Paid plan starts with $49/month

      Email Collection tools 


      6. OptinMonster



      OptinMonster is one of the powerful tools to capture cold lead from your website by using pre-made templates and lets you create a different variety of onsite marketing campaigns such as Lightbox popup, Floating bar, Full-screen welcome mat, Inline form, and Slide-in. They seamlessly integrate with various CRM software, WordPress, and even Shopify to transfer your data from one place to another. 

      You don’t need to have coding knowledge, they provide you drag and drop templates to build a stunning marketing campaign for your website.


      The basic plan starts with $9/ month

      7. Converful 


      Convertful features

      convertful is a modern on-site widget, it has a variety of 100+ pre-made templates for running a successful campaign on your website. They provide different types of templates with Spin-to-win gamification, social subscription popup, segmentation surveys, and so on. 

      Like the OptinMonster, Convertful provides a flexible drag and drop editor and many other elements. 

      They claim to have a mobile-friendly template, so if a person visits your site it will be optimized for the smartphone interface. The important impressive thing about this is you can have a sequence of multi-step widgets to segment your audience.


      Starts with a FREE plan of $0/month and the paid plan (Blogger) starts with just $19/month.

      7. Sumo


      Sumo tool

      Sumo is one of the most popular tools out there for capturing emails via a marketing campaign. The most interesting thing is that they offer a FREE plan for most of the features, which is very useful for a beginner. This tool offers similar features like Convertful and optin monster but moreover, this tool also allows us to create a floating social share icon on your website. There is a feature, where you can find the heat maps on your website to figure out where your visitors are clicking on your site. 


      Free plan available, Paid plan starts at $29/month

      Email Follow-up tools


      So you might be thinking most of the prospecting tools provide the feature to send a drip marketing campaign then why do we need an email follow-up tool.

       Long answer short, you mostly have to pay if you want to run a campaign in the email collection or prospecting tools. So you can use these tools mentioned below for sending a drip and for a follow-up campaigns.

      The most important thing is that you can send a bulk personalized email with your Gmail account.

      NOTE: If you are a newbie, just started your journey then you can follow my steps. 

      8. Yet Another Mail Merge


      Yet Another Mail Merge

       YAMM a.k.a Yet another mail merge is a Google sheets extension that enables you to send a mass email to your prospects. The beauty of this tool is that your mail will not go under the basket of promotion or spam, when you send a mail it will reach the primary inbox. 

      So that you have a better chance to get a reply from your prospects. It is a simple tool yet powerful because of the follow-up features, where you can track the report and automation the email according to the open results.


      Free up to 50 emails/day, and paid plan (personal) starts at $20 for 400 emails/day.

      9. GMass



      GMass is an email marketing tool that enables you to send a bulk cold email with a sequence and follow-ups to your prospects. You can simply extract the emails from any of the prospecting tools and then paste them on a Google sheet to email your personalized bulk email. 

      I find this tool is more efficient because of its features, you can personalize, schedule track the opening results and replies within your Gmail. You just need a chrome extension to use this tool and they also provide in-depth analytics of results to you. 


      Free up to 50 emails/day and the paid plan ( standard ) starts at $12.95/month.

      10. Boomerang Gmail


      Boomerang Gmail

      Boomerang is a Gmail extension that is similar to GMass and YAMM but the most fascinating thing about this tool is that they offer a wide range of features compared to the below tool. Let me explain what it is, 

      • They assist you with a responsible score that enables you to write a better email with the help of AI (Artificial intelligence). 
      • You can get an insight into advanced features where you can track whether your email is positive, polite, and subjectively. So, this feature really helps you to write an actionable email to your prospect to get a reply from them. 

      You can also schedule the email anytime and the most interesting part that you will be fascinated by is pricing. You can use this tool with the basic plan which is FREE but you will be limited with the message credit.


      Paid plan starts at $4.99/month (unlimited message credit )

      Email Marketing Tools to Nurture Leads


      If you are looking for email marketing tools to nurture your leads and to manage in a large number. Then, I recommend you can go through these tools below that are powerful to handle everything with it. 

      11. Convertkit



      Convertkit is one of the powerful email marketing tools in the digital space. I personally like this tool because it’s a simple interface where a beginner can easily understand the tool when they are using it for the first time. You don’t have to spend much time figuring out how to use the features. 

      They provide you an eye-catching form and landing page to capture the leads in the funnel. The most important is that you can easily tag a specific user and make a sequence for the email automation. 

      Automating your funnel is important when it comes to marketing & sales, they made it very easy by providing stunning pre-made templates. 

      Compared to other email marketing tool’s pricing, convertkit makes the best deal by offering a FREE plan for up to 1000 subscribers.


      Paid plan (Creator) starts at $29/month 

      12. MailChimp 


      Mail chimp

      MailChimp is one of the most popular tools out in marketing because of its pricing, other features which enable a user to collect up to 2000 subscribers and can send out 12,000 emails/month. 

      They offer email automation for the paid plan and even a 1 step automation is available in a FREE plan. It is well known for drag and drop landing page and email form builder, a person with no experience can quickly build a landing page with Mailchimp.


      Paid plan starts at just $10/month

      13. SendInBlue


      SendInBlue offers both email marketing and SMS messages, it is one of the affordable marketing tools which enables you to send 300 emails/day in the FREE plan and you can have an unlimited contact list. 

      The most interesting part is that they provide marketing automation workflows for FREE plans of up to 2,000 contacts. 

      They have specific features which enable you to have a customized URL and logo in the interface. If you are dealing with international clients who are foreign-speaking market then this tool also offers you multi-language support. 


      Paid plan starts at $20/month.

      14. Active Campaign 


      Active Campiagn

      Active Campaign is one of all the email marketing tools which offer CRM and sales automation within the software. So if you are someone who is handling large-scale business then I would recommend going with ActiveCampaign.

      It allows you to track every interaction a lead has with your site, this helps you to increase the trigger in your marketing campaign.

      One of the best automation software for E-commerce, Digital Businesses, and B2B companies, by using this tool you can easily reach & engage with a landing page or sign-up form. Then, you can nurture your prospect to convert them into paying customers. 

      This process is done within a single tool, which is why the Active campaign is famous for and the most fascinating part is the pricing of this software. 


      Paid plan starts at just $9/month, also you get a FREE trial period to explore the tool.

      Bonus: Customer research / Survey tools


      This bonus will blow your mind, seriously what if I told you that anyone can get all the information about you with the help of a customer research tool which I will be sharing. 

      Crazy right? 

      Let’s discuss the tool,

      15. Crystal 


      Crystal Knows

      Crystal is the tool that I was mentioning above. So, with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) this tool has come up with DISC personality prediction metrics that give you an idea. How a person’s behavior will be if he is in a meeting, talking to someone, or while reading an email.

      NOTE: You can use this tool to capture the information from LinkedIn

      So, I won’t say this tool is accurate but in most cases it does, you just have to download the chrome extension to access this tool effectively.


       10 free credits, Premium available at $29/month.

      16. Type Form 



      Typeform is similar to Google forms but they have a rich template. This tool helps you to get the information of a customer by the form and allows us to filter out. You can easily integrate with an email marketing tool to nurture your prospects according to their behavioral answer. 

      This tool comes with a FREE, you can create 3 forms and get responses of 100/month.


      paid plan starts at $35/month. (you can buy if your business is large)

      Other Lead Generation Tools


      17. Zapier



      Zapier is one of the powerful in the market which helps you to integrate with every other tool in the market, you can completely automate all the processes by setting up the zap.

      Many of you will think about why zapier is on the lead generation list but if you are managing lots of other tools for a different purpose then zapier is the solution that enables you to transfer the data from one place to another in few seconds.

      This is the #1 software that dominates the world with other business services. So, if you have an online business then you must try this tool.


      Zapier comes with a free trial (5 Zaps/month) which will help you to get started, and the paid plan starts at $19.99/month 

      Time to choose your tools


      I hope you got a basic idea of what tool to use, all the tools in this article are powerful and leading in their field. So, you don’t have to worry about the features and usability.

      I would recommend you to visit their official website to check out all the features, pricing, and testimonials.

       Then decide which tools are really helpful for your business & marketing growth, by determining the needs you will find the suitable tool.

      let me know in the comment section if you found this article valuable and which marketing tool have you decided to go for?

      Read my most recent blog: What Is Lead Generation In Digital Marketing?

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      About Author
      Mohamed Razin
      Razin is a Digital Marketer, Blogger, Consultant, and Web Designer who helps businesses & startups to boost their sales and reach in the digital platform. Read his blog to learn Digital Marketing, Online Business & Entrepreneurship.

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