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Elementor Review

Elementor Review – Is It Really #1 WordPress Page Builder?

We will look at every feature that Elementor has to offer to help you make an informed decision about whether it’s right for your needs. The Elementor review will generally be positive, as I believe it is one of the powerful WordPress page builders. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to note that I am not alone in this belief. According to WordPress.org,  Elementor has been used on over 5 million WordPress websites while maintaining an incredible

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8 Best Elementor Add-Ons ( free & premuim ) In 2021

8 Best Elementor Add-ons ( Free & Premium ) in 2021

Did you know Elementor has crossed more than 5+ million active users in the WordPress space? Yes, that’s true.  ​​Elementor is the WordPress Page Builder plugin that offers users of the WordPress platform a unique web designing experience. Anyone can design a fantastic website quickly with no coding knowledge needed! Since its launch, Elementor page builder has ruled the WordPress space even though they have other competitors such as DIVI, Beaver Builder, WPBakery Page Builder,

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How To Remove V=XXXX String From WordPress URLs_

How to Remove v=XXXX string from WordPress URLs?

 Do you have a woo-commerce site with the string “V=XXXX” or something similar like this “v=c86ee0d9d7ed ” in your WordPress URLs? If you ever faced this issue, I know how frustrating it would be to have the ugly URL on your Website. Even I had this issue while working with one of my clients to re-design her Website.  It took me a month to figure out the actual issue that caused the URL with the strange string,

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What Are Backlinks_ And How To Build Them

What Are Backlinks? And How to Build Them in 2021

Do you know how important it is to build backlinks for your website?  The number of high-quality backlinks an individual has is a significant ranking factor for most search engines, including Google.  Backlink building is a good strategy for search engine optimization and getting organic traffic to your website, and it is an essential factor in ranking for all search engines. It doesn’t matter whether you have optimized according to your WordPress SEO plugin mentioned

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Lead Generation In Digital Marketing_

What Is Lead Generation in Digital marketing?

We live in an era where you don’t have to knock on doors to sell your products. It doesn’t matter if your audience is from a village or a city, nowadays anyone can sell anything worldwide by just sitting in their house with internet access.  Right? For example, people from India are dropshipping stuff via Print-on-demand to other parts of the world ( US, UK, Canada, etc.). So that’s how the digital era has transformed

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A Complete Guide To SEO

A Complete Guide To SEO: What You Need To Know

Are you aware that the number of organic visitors to a website or blog post increases by more than 90% when a website ranks in the top 10 of Google’s search engine?  Are you jealous?  Yes, Obviously right? I can feel the pain, but have you ever thought about the steps or measurements you should be taking to make your blog post rank on google search. You must have done few things, but it wouldn’t

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Leverage LinkedIn For Lead Generation

How To Leverage LinkedIn and generate quality leads?

Generating leads can be challenging if there was no LinkedIn because it helps you connect with your desired prospect. Whether it is B2B or B2C, leveraging LinkedIn can generate numerous leads for your business.  It is also a platform for graduates who are seeking to get a job. If you have the proper skill set, you can easily track your desired position offers to apply via Linkedin.  I think LinkedIn for lead generation can help

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Lead Generation Tools

15+ Important Lead Generation tools to Get More Targeted Leads

Building a brand isn’t easy without having proper lead generation and automation tools for your business.  when a company doesn’t care about the importance of quality leads and customer retention will die sooner or later.  Some people believe that generating more leads is equal to more money.  That is purely wrong because when a cold lead comes into your funnel, it means that they want to know who you are and what you are offering.

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Why Is Rank Math Better Than Yoast SEO_

Why is Rank math better than Yoast SEO?

What is the one thing that comes to your mind about the WordPress SEO plugin? Yoast SEO right? Yes, I know Yoast is famous and it has more than 5 million active installed but from now on Rank math is going to dominate the SEO race on WordPress. Because rank math has the best quality of features that Yoast doesn’t provide and if you haven’t try Rank Math yet, then you are missing out on

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Why Content Marketing Is Important_

Why Content Marketing Is important? – 6 Reasons

Do you think your business can survive without content marketing?  No right? In this competitive world, everyone can write an article but how do you think, you can free apart yourself or your business from the competitor out there. It is all about the strategy and marketing funnel which I will be explaining in this article.   And  Have you ever heard the phrase “ Content is King ”?  and do you know why it is

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How To Improve Website Loading Speed

How to improve website loading speed

In this decade, if your website is not optimized and doesn’t have a good structure, it is highly difficult to compete with other competitors. But, having a great performance and fast loading website increases your engagement, attention, and helps you to acquire the desired goals for your business. So, how to optimize my website to load faster? Or what plugin should be used to improve the site speed? how to speed up website performance? How

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Effective Ways To Rank Your Website On Google

4 Most Effective Ways to Rank your Website on Google

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? or do you know what are the ways to boost your content to rank on google? Let me explain.  Search engine optimization ( SEO ) plays a major role in ranking your content or blog posts, so I will be explaining to you each and everything to improve and boost your website. So what is SEO and how it works? SEO is the process of

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Find Your Profitable Niche

How to Find Your Profitable Niche | 6 Simple Steps!

Do you want to earn money online? But not sure where to start or how to find your niche? And do you think choosing a niche is that simple? Let me explain the above questions and a few other questions which you might have. So choosing a specific niche is as important as your tangible assets because you see, niche plays a vital role in all types of business. if you are a blogger, YouTuber,

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Why Personal Branding Is Essential_

Why Personal Branding is Essential to Career Success?

Have you ever had this question, why is it important to develop your personal band? Or does a personal brand works in real life? If you think personal branding is not vital to develop your company or business.  Then you are wrong, let me explain why? Personal branding is the key to success for all the backstories of famous men and women who acquire the state of a millionaire because it creates an own or

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Revealing The Unknown Secret Of Marketing!

Revealing the Unknown Secret of Marketing!

Do you know why marketing hasn’t changed since it originated now? Or Do you think marketing is still an important factor or in the future? ( read till the end to get the answer ) And    Do you think a Robot or any machine language can do a sales pitch as much as humans do in the future? Do you think marketing can be replaced with AI ( Artificial Intelligence) to communicate with the

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Guide To Start A Youtube Channel

Step-by-Step Guide to Start a Youtube Channel

Usage of youtube has been tremendously increasing past few years and nowadays everyone wants to start a YouTube channel to express their talent or skills by uploading a video.  But whoever wants to start a channel has an initial problem which I faced too, these are the following questions most common people faced,  How do I start? What Niche? What if no one watches my video? Will I Monetize my channel?  Will my surrounding friends

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How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

“ Simple just one click and you get paid ” But everyone has this starting problem, where and how to start? Hear me out, let me explain. Firstly, Affiliate Marketing is not that tough to understand and it is not rocket science. If your an Indian, everyone could’ve heard this from your childhood where parent insist these phrases ” STUDY WELL AND WORK HARD TO EARN LITTLE MONEY. “ Where you can’t even spend for

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