Elementor Review – Is It Really #1 WordPress Page Builder?

Elementor Review
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      We will look at every feature that Elementor has to offer to help you make an informed decision about whether it’s right for your needs.

      The Elementor review will generally be positive, as I believe it is one of the powerful WordPress page builders.

      Furthermore, it is worthwhile to note that I am not alone in this belief. According to WordPress.org,

       Elementor has been used on over 5 million WordPress websites while maintaining an incredible 4.9-star out of 5 rating on over 5,988 reviews.

      Elementor Reviews

      It’s more important to take the time to explain why we like Elementor and to explain why we’ve built products using the Elementor ecosystem – that’s why we’re going to discuss it in this review.

      You will have everything you need to know about Elementor by the end of our analysis, giving you the knowledge necessary to decide whether or not it is the right tool for your WordPress site.

      What Does Elementor Offer?

      Elementor is the WordPress Page Builder plugin that offers a drag-and-drop, visual page builder plugin for WordPress. You no longer need to know how to code to make a beautiful website!

      • The real benefit of this approach is that it transforms by creating a great-looking website.
      • Building beautiful pages does not require technical expertise.
      • A live preview is available while you’re editing – there’s no need to switch between the backend editor and the live preview. On the live preview of your page, you can just click and type to edit text.

      You will get a ton of features as you start building your website:

      • Widgets – These are similar to content blocks. As an example, text, images, buttons, etc., are all widgets.
      • Layout – Build your ideal layout with as many “Sections” and “Columns” as necessary.
      • User-Friendly Design – Each of your content elements will have a detailed set of settings that you can choose from.
      • Templates – You can use a lot of templates with the help of Elementor Pro.
      • No HTML or CSS Required – You can build a great-looking website even if you do not understand HTML or CSS. The pro version includes some fancy effects (including some extras).
      • Popup – You can also design any popup with the same visual, drag-and-drop interface in the Pro version of Popup Builder.
      • WooCommerce Builder – Elementor makes it easy for you to design your eCommerce store, and you can include products in the rest of your designs.

      Elementor  Free Plan

      The designs on your site are all responsive, which means that they’re compatible with any device. You can also change the display of your design on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

      Here’s a Pro Tip: Maintenance Mode

      Elementor’s maintenance mode displays a temporary page while creating or updating your site, and it automatically sets the HTTP status code to the correct value. 

      This setting is available in the WordPress dashboard. The site will not be affected by accidental edits while in Maintenance Mode.

      Why will you need Elementor?

      • With a new site, you can create any style, layout, or functionality you desire. The WordPress theme you currently have is not going to be enough for you.
      • Theme customization is supported using Elementor, which will work with any WordPress theme (provided you are using WordPress 5.0 or higher).
      • Your editing experience will be entirely different (and much more intuitive). Using WordPress’ native editor won’t be necessary.
      • The front-end editor allows you to edit your pages or site without constantly saving drafts or previews, so you see exactly what your visitors see in their browser.

      Elementor Pricing

       Elementor offers a free plan and as well as various PRO subscription plans. The free elementor plugin comes with all the features that you need to create a strong UI/UX on your site; with the help of a drag-and-drop editor, you can have a decent website. 

      If you want to access advanced features and functionality such as,

      •  Ability to add forms and custom CSS.
      • Custom header, footer and block section. 
      • Having a dynamic page or post.  

      Then, you have the option to upgrade Elementor Pro Version. Here’s the pricing structure:

      • US$49/year – 1 site ( support via email )
      • US$199/year – 25 sites ( support via email )
      • US$499/year – 100 sites ( support via email + live chat )
      • US$999/year – 1000 sites ( support via email + live chat )

      Elementor pro - Plan

      Who Can Benefit From Using Elementor?

      As I write this Elementor review, I have to admit that I’m incredibly impressed with this tool. Despite trying every major page builder plugin available, I always return to Elementor because it is the most reliable solution.

      With Elementor, you get the most features for free, and it’s the easiest to use.

      It’s a great DIY option for people who don’t have any coding or HTML skills but want great page designs on their own.

      The block editor in WordPress is quite limited by default, and this is precisely where Elementor comes in handy. If you’re having trouble aligning columns or adding images to a page in a particular way, then Elementor can help.

      At its core, Elementor is for designers who want to create beautiful, easy-to-maintain pages for their websites without being actual designers.

      You can download a free version at WordPress.org or upgrade to the Elementor Pro.

      If you just want to add some flair to a static page and build some basic landing pages.

      In that case, I think the free version will satisfy your needs.

      Nevertheless, if you want to build a website like a pro online store, dynamic pages or custom header, footer, blocks then, you’ll indeed have to upgrade to Elementor Pro because you’ll get access to:

      • Easy way to import 300+ premium Page Templates and 100+ premium Block templates, including header, footer, and popups.
      • Complete website customization through Elementor Page Builder, and you change the header, footer, and posts pages.
      • You get 50+ additional widgets.
      • You will get dynamic WooCommerce Builder widgets and templates for the editing product page in an e-Commerce website.
      • Add custom HTML & CSS.
      • Popup Builder with advanced features like exit intent, after scroll, and controls to display sure popups on the specific page.
      • Form Builder that can be integrated into popular email marketing tools like active campaign, convertkit, etc

      Elementor pro features

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is Elementor Page Builder Free To Use?

      Elementor offers a tremendous value in the free plan that comes with an extensive set of features to help you build a website.

      The free plugin could be more than enough if you plan to use it for personal and even business purposes.

      You’ll have a solid selection of multiple templates & widgets at your table, and you’ll be able to design a full-fledged website with all the functions, it also includes version history, mobile & tablet responsive edited, and etc.

      Can I use Elementor with any theme?

      Yes absolutely! All the WordPress themes can use Elementor page builder. I believe that some themes offer better Elementor experiences than others.

      I recommend Astra theme is lightweight and widely used in the WordPress community

      Is Elementor SEO Friendly?

      Elementor won’t harm your website in any way. If you have the skills and confidence to design a page that looks good, it will only help you make more content.

      Additionally, you can use the Elementor page editor to make significant changes to your SEO if you have the Rank Math or Yoast SEO plugins installed.

      Final Thought: Is Elementor Pro Worth it?

      As you can see, Elementor Pro is one of the most powerful tools for creating customized WordPress websites and creating unique content. 

      No matter whether you’re building a new WordPress website or simply adding enhanced customization and page-building capabilities to the existing site, Elementor Pro has what you need.

      I am Using Elementor Pro for most of my clients to give them a better user experience and functionality. So it is quite simple that Elementor can benefit you in all ways and indeed worth your money spend.

      But First, you can test and try the free version of the plugin to see how you are comfortable with the functionality. However, if you want a dynamic page or custom design for your website then Elementor pro is for you. 

      Article Related Elementor: 8 Best Elementor Add-Ons ( Free & Premium )

      Do you still have any questions or thoughts about Elementor Pro? Let us know in the comments!

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      About Author
      Mohamed Razin
      Razin is a Digital Marketer, Blogger, Consultant, and Web Designer who helps businesses & startups to boost their sales and reach in the digital platform. Read his blog to learn Digital Marketing, Online Business & Entrepreneurship.

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