Step-by-Step Guide to Start a Youtube Channel

Guide To Start A Youtube Channel
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      Usage of youtube has been tremendously increasing past few years and nowadays everyone wants to start a YouTube channel to express their talent or skills by uploading a video. 

      But whoever wants to start a channel has an initial problem which I faced too, these are the following questions most common people faced, 

      How do I start?

      What Niche?

      What if no one watches my video?

      Will I Monetize my channel? 

      Will my surrounding friends accept my channel?

      So on…

      Let me crackdown what are the steps to take action by uploading your first video also keep in mind I too had the fear initially but eventually, I managed to upload my first video. 

      Here are the 4 simple steps to create a youtube video:

      STEP 1: Understand Youtube 

      Have you ever had this question? 

      Why does everyone go to YouTube?

      •  Because it is the second most search engine in the world. It has over a billion users flowing around, it is almost one-third of the internet population.
      • It is Free of cost and you don’t even have to single dollar to watch or to upload a video. 
      • Technology has made watching videos are simple ( just with having a smartphone, you can easily watch a video and get the information you want.)
      • You can get unlimited videos
      • Videos can impact more than reading blogs. 

      What type of video do you prefer to make?

      After choosing your interested niche, you have to find out what type of content are you going to create for your YouTube channel. This is an important thing where many of them get confused because you have to choose a type which is suitable for your brand. 

      So here are the few types which are more popular on YouTube:


      If you are an expert or you have a specific skill, life hack, tricks in the subject, then you can create content that can help other people to improve their knowledge and skills. You have to make sure the video’s duration is more than 7 mins and maximum as you prefer.

      Step by Step Guide for starting a Youtube Channel

      For instance, if you are good at cooking new receipts then upload a Tutorial video,  you can also include affiliate links in the description by promoting them to buy specific ingredients and earn from them. 

      ( check out the link to learn  “ How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing )


      Do you know more than 60% of people come to search for a product review before buying it?  

      Step by Step Guide for starting a Youtube Channel

      If you have a high level of knowledge of a specific product then you can create a review video and earn money from affiliate programs by promoting their links in the description. 

      Video series:

      I have seen many video creators who take a series, short films to showcase their talent to get a feature film. If you are more interested in acting, direction or movie relate stuff then you can get a group of 10 mastermind people and shoot a film to upload videos. 

      Step by Step Guide for starting a Youtube Channel

      In the future, you might be a digital influencer or acting in a feature film with your favorite celebrities. 

      You have to be creative and put your heart and soul to achieve such a thing.


      So news-based youtube channels get more attraction and views compared to other types of videos. You can provide any kind of information such as global, national, local, political, or even sports news.

      Step by Step Guide for starting a Youtube Channel

      It is up to you, just think for the long term where you can sustain with your niche topic but you have to do the groundwork to make sure the information is right because when you provide false data. It might make your subscriber a bad impression


      Comedy videos can get more views and subscriptions because most people come to watch videos just to chill and relax their minds. If you are interested in making creative and funny videos consistently then you can be successful with your channel. 

      Nf9 8jPvixDsbJcg2TCbIs4hH1iBg5aeYq4D26WsZV2aYuskIC hG7LXddW04v7 pAk0AvFv0kb7XC3UWw hGs5vU7NQuOi0ON70NOxGdjZhGnG ZBIZzMd8IcCgXk J662j7oZ5 | Digital Razin

      Uploading at least one or two videos a week is enough to cover a bunch of audiences to channel. 

      How to monetize or be successful? 

      Focus on your video quality so that Google measures your channel to rank it on the search page also it can feature your videos to many people.

      This is all about Youtube’s algorithm. ( click here ) to know more about it.

      In the initial process, you might feel difficult to get viewed and subscribers but if you believe in your work and stay consistent with the quality of your presentation so that you can achieve your goal. 

      STEP 2: Create your YouTube channel

       Go to YouTube and Sign in:

      First, you must have a Google account to create a Youtube channel, if you already have a Google account then it is fine. 

      Google sign up

      So now, your Google account will automatically give you a Youtube account where you can upload videos. 

      Create your Channel:

      Heads over to your Account Settings in the top right corner, click the profile icon, and select create a channel. 

      Step by Step Guide for starting a Youtube Channel

      Next, you will see these two options and you have to choose either “use your name” as mention in the G-mail or “ use the custom name” to create a new youtube account.  ( select as you prefer ) 

      For now, I will go with use a custom name and show you what are the process. On the next page, you will name your YouTube channel.

      VMFsFqpL | Digital Razin

      Then after these steps, you will have to complete the following things to go further, 

      • You have to upload your profile picture. 
      • Adding your channel’s description and website links (if you have any website, you can add)

      Finally, you have created your youtube channel. Congratulations!

      Before creating your first YouTube video, there are a few things you must do.

       Creating your YouTube channel art:

      This is essential for you to make sure that your channel has a good personality so that your brand can have a reach via this art. 

      For beginners, nowadays there are many tools to create your art but I prefer you to design your art in Canva or Adobe Spark. These tools have amazing free templates which can suit your channel and you can customize with the various elements.

      Things to note: ( while uploading these arts )

      • Your profile picture must at least 98×98 pixels and 4MB less.
      • For your banner image, it must be at least 2048×1152 pixels and less than 6MB.
      • You also have an option to upload a video watermark and it must be at least 150×150 pixels and 6MB less.

      Note: Use a PNG or GIF ( No animations ) file.

      STEP 3: Create your first video

      So let me break it down into three steps, 

      • Pre-production
      • Production 
      • Post-production 


      This is the important thing to be done before you shoot a video because it can help to make sure all of your content is set. If you do the following thing then you won’t have any confusion while shooting the video. 

      • First, pick a topic 
      • Do research and brainstorm ideas
      • Choose a title 
      • Do script work 
      • Get the right camera and microphone.


      So after having a clear picture of what you’re going to talk about, it is easy to shot your video but you should check certain things before going to shoot. 

      And that is to check the following things as mentioned below,

      • Select the best location 
      • Surround yourself with great lighting 
      • Capture audio right 
      • Get a thumbnail

      Step by Step Guide for starting a Youtube Channel


      Finally, after shooting all your clips, you should make sure the content has delivered well or re-shoot few clips which you are not satisfied with. 

      Then follow the next few steps to ensure your video has been delivered well.

      • You should review all the video clips.
      • Organize the video pieces into one.
      • Edit your video.
      • Add a few elements to look good. 
      • Get the final cut of the video. 
      • Screen your video once again to ensure your content is well delivered.
      • Export your video.

      Youtube Channel

      STEP 4: Upload your video 

      Here we are, just one step and your video is online but you have to ensure that your video title, tags, description are enhanced each other. Remember, the more you put in, the more you get the outcome of it. 

      Upload your video to YouTube:

      Now you have to sign in to your youtube account, select “upload video” in the drop-down menu and choose your video which you want to upload. Make sure it is PUBLIC so everyone can view your content.  

      Youtube Channel

      Add title, description, and tags 

      The most important final thing, you should remember to put because with these your content can be optimized to have a clear view of your audience. If they search for something related to your content, your video might show up on the search page if the 3 conditions are good. 

      Use these tools:

      The description part has to be filled with the following things below and make sure it is broken down into short paragraphs.

      •  What this video about,
      • Add affiliate links.
      • Describe your channel and you. 
      • Add free E-books or any digital product ( if you have ).
      • Link your website.
      •  Link your social media.

      Youtube Channel

      Finally, create an eye-catching and attractive thumbnail and make it simple to read what is there because thumbnails play a major role to make your viewers watch your video. You can create the best thumbnail in Canva with free templates. So, upload your thumbnail and Then click “ PUBLISH ”.

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      Razin is a Digital Marketer, Blogger, Consultant, Web Designer, and Investor who helps businesses & startups to boost their sales and reach more customers in the digital platform. Read his blog to learn Digital Marketing, Online Business & Entrepreneurship.

      About Author
      Mohamed Razin
      Razin is a Digital Marketer, Blogger, Consultant, and Web Designer who helps businesses & startups to boost their sales and reach in the digital platform. Read his blog to learn Digital Marketing, Online Business & Entrepreneurship.

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