4 Most Effective Ways to Rank your Website on Google

Effective Ways To Rank Your Website On Google
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      Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? or do you know what are the ways to boost your content to rank on google?

      Let me explain.

       Search engine optimization ( SEO ) plays a major role in ranking your content or blog posts, so I will be explaining to you each and everything to improve and boost your website.

      So what is SEO and how it works?

      SEO is the process of optimizing your online content to rank your website on google search. It helps to drive traffic and rank your website based on the quality or quantity of your content through organic search engine results.

      So now, let’s see what are the 4most effective way to rank your website.

      1. On-page SEO:

      It is all about making your website content friendly and adding the relevant keyword to your content to rank on google.

      So by adding irrelevant work ( Keyword stuffing ), your will fails to attract more audience, and google only wants to showcase a website that has more engagement ( CTR ).

      What is CTR?

      CTR is the Click-through rate and if you want to grow your content in 2021. You really have to concentrate on CTR, which is the biggest game-changer for your website to grow organic. By more people clicking on your website or a blog post, it directly gives the signal to Google to rank your website on the first page.

      So how to improve your CTR, simple.

      You have to add powerful words for the title so that it helps you to grab the attention of more people to click on your website.

      This is by far the best method to increase your organic traffic ( CTR ).

      So power words do make your content stand out Search engine result page to get more audience to your website.

      The title tag basically should represent power words.

      Take an example for an instance,  look at 1& 2 below and tell me which one represents power word:

      1. Top 10 ways to reduce weight.
      2. Top 10 Effective ways to reduce weight from yoga.

      So obviously, No.2 has the power word right?

      It is also added with “ LONG TAIL KEYWORD “ by being specific on how to reduce weight and the power word here is “ Effective ”.

      There are other few powerful words that can help you to enhance your content title.

      • Step-step
      • Amazing
      • New
      • Proven
      • Fast
      • Simple
      • Best
      • Easy

      So now that, you have added a great title.

      but what about the content?

      Your content must be at least 1500 words, this will help you to improve your blog post to rank organic because you see, Google mostly prefers the long article so that user spends time on the internet aka on ( Google browser ).

      A report from Backlinko shows that google key’s ranking determinants that long content= higher ranking.

      Effective Ways to Rank your Website on Google

      So make sure to publish a long content blog post to rank better.


      Next, you should use the internal link.

      This helps your website to rank higher in google and also it helps Google to index all other blog posts from your website.

      internal link

      So this technique, internal links can send page authority to all your other important pages which leads to generating traffic to your other content.

      The most important is that you should not use text anchors such as “ click here “. you must try to use relevant and rich keyword anchors to a specific text.

      2. Competitor Analysis:

      Analyzing your competitor is more important when it comes to ranking your content on google because you have to eliminate all the mistakes which they have made in their post.

      So do deep research and make sure to rectify your content from your competitor.

      Let me show you the actual process:

      Take for an example,

      You have searched the term “ Email marketing strategy ” and google shows a few results.

      4 effective ways to rank on google 2021

      Check out all the top 5 posts in the google search.

      For instance:

      “Mailchimp” is ranking in the top 5.

      4 effective ways to rank on google 2021

      So by checking out the blog post in the below screenshot, there is some weakness which I have found in the post ( Check the below post ).

      • There is no attachment of photo, video or any chart.
      • This blog post contains long paragraphs which might lose the audience interest.

      Research says audience engagement is more active in short paragraphs than long paragraphs and that’s why you have to use short paragraphs to attract your audience.

      So as you see, this is how you have to analyze your competitor and this is called a “ content gap”. You must fill the gap, to enhance your website to rank in the google search.

      After analyzing your competitor, it is important to create content that should be attractive to your audience.

      But how and why?

      Because according to WordPress, there are 70 million new articles that come out every month.

      Take a look at the chart.

      4 effective ways to rank on google 2021

      lol, this is insane right?

       In order to sustain this race, you have to create quality content and I personally recommend posting content weekly rather than posting low-quality content just to publish daily.

      So what’s next?

      3. Add the LSI keyword to your content. 

      Large scale integration ( LSI ) helps to support your content by adding more context to make it easier to attract the user and google search engine to know what your content is about.

      It improves your content to target more audience drive traffic to your website, it is nothing but just words and phrases that are related to your content topic.

      So let me show you how it works and where you can find those keywords.

      For Instance, you are writing an article about “ DIGITAL MARKETING “

      LSI graph keyword

      In the below screenshot, you can see the results of the LSI keyword which is related to Digital marketing. So you have to collect specific keywords which can rank very well.

      LSI graph keyword

      Your most priority should be the trend and volume of the keyword. For instance from the list:

      • Digital marketing definition
      • What is a digital marketing strategy?
      • Digital marketing types
      • Digital marketing role

      So this is how you should collect your keyword and add it to your article.

      4. Technical SEO:

      Checking out your technical SEO is essential because it really can hurt your website’s SEO and this is not a problem for most but if you want to rank your website. You have to check each and every whether it is indexed or not.

      So there are 3 things to eye on:

      • Coverage
      • Mobile usability
      • Speed test


      To check the coverage of your website, you can use the Google search console which is free to use.

      After signing up, look at the sidebar. “ Index ” –> “ Coverage ”.

      google search console

      You see, I have one error on my website which I have to rectify and if you have any issues on your website, Google will let you know via your G-mail.

      google search console

      So finally, if you are using a WordPress website then you can use these plugins which I recommend to everyone:

      SEO tools

      You can go with either of the above one, both are the best plugin which enhances your website to be optimized.

      Mobile usability 

      This is another thing that everyone should keep an eye on because the number of smartphone users is larger than desktop or laptop users.

      mobile usability

      So it is better to keep an eye on this.

      However, if there are any issues or errors in the index, you will be notified as I told you earlier.

      If you happen to see a green signal, it is fine but once there is a red. You must check it out ASAP.

      Speed Test

      The loading speed of each website plays a major role in audience engagement. On average, the loading speed of your website should be within 2 seconds which helps google to rank on the first page.

      page speed insight

      The important thing here is, you must have the best hosting service and you can check out your website’s speed insight in:

      These are the tools which show you the exact insight of your website and it also gives you the report on where you can be improved.


      Your website must have an SSL certificate installed.

      When you install the SSL certificate, you will be verified to have HTTPS rather than having HTTP. 

      This is to ensure that your website is safe and secured with HTTPS. So “ HTTP “ is something that shows your website is not secured and if you have a not secured website, it is like a free giveaway to many hackers around the world.

      So make sure to install an SSL certificate and you have the free plan to install a  certificate to your website from CloudFare.

      Basically, every WordPress hosting company offers a free Cloudflare account for their customer. so I think, you don’t have to worry about that.

      Final thoughts:

      So I hope you found this article useful and which part of the content from the above article made your day?

      Please let me know by leaving a comment below right now, I am waiting.


      Ranking your website isn’t that simple because as of now in 2021, numerous people are posting an article every single day but you should not give up on your goal.

      If you want to become a great blogger, you need to focus on the long term rather than looking for short term benefits. By building your blog day-by-day, you will definitely achieve your desired state in the long run.

      If you find this article useful, feel free to share it with your friends.


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      About Author
      Mohamed Razin
      Mohamed Razin

      Razin is a Digital Marketer, Blogger, Consultant, Web Designer, and Investor who helps businesses & startups to boost their sales and reach more customers in the digital platform. Read his blog to learn Digital Marketing, Online Business & Entrepreneurship.

      About Author
      Mohamed Razin
      Razin is a Digital Marketer, Blogger, Consultant, and Web Designer who helps businesses & startups to boost their sales and reach in the digital platform. Read his blog to learn Digital Marketing, Online Business & Entrepreneurship.

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